The Neglected Role of Private Finance in the Road to Net Zero



Guernsey Finance and Baringa Partners’ report, titled “Private finance and its role in supporting the transition to net zero”, looked to the 2040s to chart the path that ESG investing could take.

Guernsey Finance argued that so far the role that private finance needs to play in the transition to net zero has received less consideration.

The report estimates that in Guernsey’s investment sector alone, the total value of ESG funds could grow from £4.5bn at the end of 2021 to £56bn in 2040.

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Key opportunities for the remainder of the decade that have been identified include nuclear capacity building, renewable energy investment in emerging markets and electrification.

In the 2030s, green hydrogen, low carbon fuel for aviation and the dismantling of fossil fuel power plants were all seen as significant opportunities.

“Translating strategy into action” was at the heart of the report, working with organizations such as the Net Zero Investment Framework, the Task Force for Climate-Related Disclosures, the Carbon Disclosure Project and many other bodies financial.

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Stephanie Glover, Head of Sustainable Finance at We Are Guernsey, said: “The opportunity to use financial services to drive the transition to net zero, especially in as fair and inclusive a way as possible, is huge. . This report provides practical advice that organizations can follow to embark on this journey if they have not already begun.

“The challenges are serious, but the solutions are there and Guernsey, as a force for global good, has a fundamental role to play in securing a net zero future.”

Rupert Pleasant, Managing Director of We Are Guernsey, added: “The conversation is very focused on the goal of net zero emissions, and this report covers actions organizations can take to embark on that journey and beyond. It is equally important to ensure that the transition is fair.

“This report provides a roadmap to net zero and shows that a joint approach is needed. Guernsey, as an international financial centre, can support these changes across the financial sector.”

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