Private finance company staff found dead near Katpadi



A 28-year-old man employed by a private finance company was found dead in his home in the village of Sevvoor, near Katpadi, on Sunday. Police said V. Vinothkumar had been working for the company for a few months. When her mother, V. Indira, knocked on her door on Sunday, there was no response. She sought help from neighbors and relatives, who broke down the door and found him in an unconscious state. They immediately alerted SAMU 108 and the police. Vinothkumar was transferred to Vellore Government College Hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead. A case was filed by Tiruvalam Police. Initial investigations revealed that apart from being a staff member of the company, Vinothkumar also worked as an agent to collect deposits from villagers to invest in the company. As the company has reportedly been unable to repay its depositors over the past two months, many residents, who deposited their money through it, have reportedly pressured it to return their deposits.

According to the police, a letter attributed to the deceased, laptops and mobile phones were recovered from his premises. In the letter, he asked his neighbors and relatives, who had deposited money in the business, to forgive him. He urged the police to make sure depositors got their money back.

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