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GumGum is disrupting the global digital advertising industry with its sophisticated and accredited contextual intelligence solution. While third-party cookies are quickly deleted, marketers are looking for new, privacy-friendly ways to get the brand’s messages to the right places. Likewise, publishers urgently need ways to monetize their content without compromising personal data.

GumGum is the leader in Contextual Intelligence providing the industry with the industry’s first accredited contextual technology for content-level contextual analysis, brand safety and suitability. This accreditation is not only a huge accomplishment for GumGum, but it is an important step for the industry in establishing transparency as to what advertisers and publishers should expect from a contextual provider. This is essential as the industry moves towards a cookie-free future and adapts to increasing data privacy regulations.

In April of this year, GumGum secured a $ 75 million investment from Goldman Sachs Growth which marked confidence in GumGum and its technology, but against the backdrop of being the future of digital advertising.

One of GumGum’s main goals this year was to focus on global expansion and become the global leader in contextual advertising in the digital advertising industry. In August, GumGum acquired JustPremium, one of the largest multimedia and video ad markets in Europe. By partnering with JustPremium, GumGum has expanded to eight new markets, including Germany, France, Spain, the Netherlands, Belgium, Sweden, Denmark and Mexico, in addition to the Kingdom – United and Japan where GumGum has been present for years. During 2022, GumGum will strive to bring the best contextual solution to these international markets and expand its presence globally.

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