Private company hired to remove green algae from Cape Coral canals




The City of Cape Coral has hired a private company to remove green algae from its waterways.

The town hired Solitude Lake Management and they cleaned up the green algae all day.

WINK News was live at one of the Cape Coral cleanup sites.

Crews loaded up at Horton Park and cleanup efforts began early on August 8 around 6:30 a.m.

Solitude Lake Management is harvesting the green algae, which has eliminated the blooms on the surface.

Now, a year later, the flowers are back and the environmental consultant is here to help.

Bill Kurth, Solitude Lake Management district manager, said, “I don’t think it’s that different. When I started looking at these sites about a week ago, it was significantly less than what we were looking at last year. But by the time we got to this week, it’s pretty even.

The good news is that green algae is not harmful but it does stink sometimes.

“We started this morning on the channel that had the worst algae buildup, and we’re already done. As we have mainly easterly winds, only the western channels are loading. So we’re looking at a total of six sites,” Kurth said.

Kurth said it is a species of freshwater algae that thrives during the summer on rainfall.

“You’re in the middle of the rainy season, you’re getting lots of nutrients on the lawns and everything,” Kurth said.

Kruth said it’s important to follow city rules when it comes to fertilizer.

The crews will clean again tomorrow. The work should be completed on August 12.

While her crews do their best to keep her from resurfacing quickly, there is little else they can do.

It is expected to cost the city around $20,000.

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