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CHISINAU, November 20. / TASS /. A holding of private companies in Transdniestria will pay for 100,000 full vaccination kits of the Russian coronavirus vaccine Sputnik V for residents of the unrecognized republic, President of Transnistria Vadim Krasnoselsky told local reporters.

“A two-dose package costs $ 19.5. We have agreed to deliver 200,000 doses of vaccine, enough to inoculate 100,000 people. The delivery will be split into two shipments: 50,000 sets first. and 50,000 sets a little later, “said the President of Transnistria. the press service quoted him as saying.

Previously, the Transnistrian government accused Moldova of deliberately delaying the approval process for Sputnik V. The vaccine delivery was supposed to be in the form of humanitarian aid. The main stumbling block in the process, Krasnoselsky said.

“There were questions about the price. The Moldovan side was not happy with the price of $ 19.5. She did not want to record it because of it, saying that we had to negotiate a better price, so that Moldova could also pay less later. Declared the President of Transnistria.

Earlier this week, the government of Moldova also announced plans to purchase 100,000 complete Sputnik V vaccination kits. The country’s health ministry has described the vaccine as the most preferred for the people of the country.

So far, around a quarter of the people of Moldova have been immune to COVID-19. The country with a population of around 3.4 million, including the unrecognized republic of Transnistria, needs around 4.8 million doses of the vaccine to inoculate 70% of its citizens. So far, Moldova has received more than 1.4 million doses, mainly through the international vaccine sharing mechanism COVAX. In addition, Russia, Romania, China, Turkey and other countries have sent vaccines to Moldova as humanitarian aid.

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