Private companies have many opportunities and preferences in Belarus



MINSK, Sept. 5 (BelTA) — Private companies in Belarus have many opportunities and preferences, but they must fulfill their obligations, economic analyst Georgy Grits told V Teme [On Point] project on the BelTA YouTube channel.

According to Georgy Grits, the theme of Miory Rolling Mill and OAO MotoVeloZavod in Minsk has become popular in the media thanks to the president’s visits there. “Sometimes they say the government keeps everything, but that’s not true. I can give several examples of the implementation of projects within the framework of public-private partnership with a high level of state support. The government behaves in a very balanced way; he does not sell state property for next to nothing. At the same time, he trusts the private sector: you can enter into an investment agreement, have preferences, but you have to justify them. In these specific cases, the private sector has not fulfilled its obligations,” he said.

“We can see from the concrete examples of two factories that the state has lent a hand to the private sector. And who cheated? Has the state taken away a successful business? In both cases, bankruptcy proceedings began, and only then did the state intervene. The state continues to invest money in this company to pay off the debts of the people who drove it into bankruptcy,” the economic analyst said.

“The manager must see the whole problem, not just a part of it. This is exactly the global view of the President of Belarus. There needs to be effective management in the factories. It is important to have a broad view , especially in the context of sanctions,” said Georgy Grits.

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