Poultry trader suffers Rs. 7 crore loss; files a complaint against a private company



Mysore/Mysore: A poultry trader, alleging that a private company deceived him by misusing his check which he gave to the company as collateral, filed a complaint against the private company at Devaraja Police Station in the city.

K. Kuber Raj, who runs the Mahalakshmi Ganesh Poultry Center at Devaraja Mutton Market, had been doing business with the private company since 1989 and the company, identifying him as an “on demand customer”, extended him credit of up to Rs. 30,000,000. The private company had taken two blank check sheets from Kuber Raj as collateral, according to the complaint.

Recently, the company asked him to buy the F-15 breed instead of the regular breed and Kuber Raj alleged that he was suffering between Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 1 lakh per day after buying and selling his the F-15 breed.

He further stated in the complaint that when he emailed and also called the company on the phone and explained the losses he was incurring, the company representatives, who assured him to remedy the problem, misused the checks he handed over to the company as collateral causing him to suffer more than Rs. 7 crore loss.

Based on Kuber Raj’s complaint, Devaraja Police, who filed a complaint against Private Company Managing Director Sundarrajan, Karnataka Regional Managing Director Kathikeyan, Mysuru Regional Deputy Managing Director Puttaraju and Marketing Director Appadore , investigate.

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