Lifeboost Coffee: #1 Fastest-Growing Private Business in the Midwest



The famous healthy coffee brand, Lifeboost Coffee, has been ranked #1 on Inc’s list of private companies in the Midwest region!

Life Booster Coffee beat countless companies in ten states and achieved the highest position on Inc’s list of the fastest growing private companies in the Midwest.

This list was published for 2022 and took into account the percentage of revenue growth of all the companies concerned between the years 2018-2020. Lifeboost Coffee reached the top with a whopping 9,114% growth rate over 2 years. It was a very clear win, with number two and number three on the list reaching only 7,800% and 4,800% respectively.

The company was started early on with the goal of selling a healthier alternative to generic coffee beans. Charles Livingston, co-founder and CEO of Lifeboost, revealed in an interview with Inside Indiana Business that as a chiropractor, he cares a lot about his health and that of others. And, as a coffee lover himself, he clearly saw the gap in the market and decided to jump straight in after tasting the delicious coffee beans brought from a Nicaraguan farm that had wanted to cooperate with his supplement company seven years ago.

Just like that, the company slowly grew and started earning more and more per year. Ultimately, Lifeboost Coffee grew from $17,000 per month at the start of January 2019 to $2.5 million per month at the end of 2021, leading to its high ranking in Inc’s 2022 list. .

Regarding future plans, Charles Livingston shared that in the next year the company will start exploring the cold brew market in introduction of RTDs (ready to drink) cans of cold brew as well as a healthy coffee creamer that accompanies it.


Lifeboost Coffee is best known for its healthy, 100% organic, low-acid coffee beans. The brand pays close attention to the quality of its products, going so far as to test every shipment it sends out for over 400 harmful toxins to earn its popular title: “The healthiest coffee on the planet!”

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