High Court fines private Mangaluru lake fine on mangaluru for false accusation against GP




A bench composed of Judge M Nagaprasanna fined SKF Boiler and Driers Pvt Ltd, Rs a Lac, who concealed the truth and wrongly accused Padumarnad gram panchayat (GP).

The high court ordered that the amount of the fine be paid within four weeks to the Karnataka judicial authority. In its verdict, the court said: “The applicant company tried to hide its boldness and reality by wrongly accusing the gram panchayat. In addition, justice is misled by the company. The Supreme Court has stated in several cases to deal clearly with such cases to mislead the court. It is not possible to interfere with the order given by the gram panchayat to the petitioner who has obtained the license to refine the paddy and manufacture in place of the paint.

SKF Boiler and Drier Pvt Ltd had obtained a license from Padumarnad gram panchayat for refining paddy and started manufacturing spray paint instead. Locals had brought this to the attention of gram panchayat officials saying that the industry pollutes the environment. Although gram panchayat’s PDO has sent the company several notices, it hasn’t bothered to take any action. On October 30, 2021, the gram panchayat sent an order to shut down the facility within a week. The company had approached the High Court to challenge the gram panchayat order.

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