Government fuel is not for private companies



Officiating at the kick-off meeting of regional police commanders and senior officers at the Tanzania Police Academy (TPS) Headquarters in Moshi yesterday, the chairwoman said she had all the evidence officers were taking fuel for their own interests.

These officers refueled commercial vehicles such as passenger buses and private cars, while police field vehicles often failed to find fuel, disrupting daily operations and patrols, he said. she declared.

She expressed her satisfaction with the efforts made by the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to ensure that the fuel funds went to the districts, suggesting that there are reports that the districts are not being supplied with fuel. fuel because senior officers take fuel for commercial activities.

She said the government spends a lot of money to buy fuel to serve the citizens, but the fuel improperly ends up in the hands of dishonest officials.

“We will not tolerate this huge mistake. IGP, go supervise so that the fuel reaches the targeted areas”, she stressed, also pointing the finger at the misuse of the money from the funeral fund. A majority of officers do not benefit when such challenges arise, including death.

The fund is meant to support police force personnel, but the spending is done outside the rules, she said, referring to the Comptroller and Auditor General’s (CAG) annual report which called for a special audit on the bottom.

She cautioned against seeking or accepting sponsorships for business meetings as it can weaken her operations. The Moshi meeting has six public and private sector sponsors, “and these are human beings who will one day commit offenses and make it difficult for you to work on them,” she told the rally.

Lack of police training was a major cause of ethical issues in the force, a flaw she said will be corrected. The government has already released 11 billion euros to facilitate the training of forces, asking the colleges and responsible authorities to improve the curricula to align with the revolution in information and communication technologies ( ICT), she said.

President Samia has asked the force to control the unregulated sale of uniforms as they are often used by other legal agencies like fire and rescue.

IGP Camillus Wambura said 1,844 cases lacking sufficient evidence to be sent to court have been withdrawn, while 2,117 others are in the process of being settled.

Serious crime statistics show that cases of these were on the rise for the period from January to June this year, he said, saying cases had risen from 24,848 the previous year (2021 ) to 27,848, an increase of 11.2%.

Police crackdown on crime has led to arrests of people possessing khat, marijuana and illicit alcohol, government trophies, jealousy killings or violence, excessive drinking and conflict land have increased reported cases, he added.

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