Econveyancer partners with Intra Private Finance on panel management



The transfer platform Econveyancer has reached an agreement with Intra Finance, which will give its brokers access to more than 70 audited transfer companies.

Developed in 2003, Econveyancer is designed to help mortgage advisors, brokers, intermediaries and real estate agents compare real estate agents based on price, service and location.

The platform includes DigitalMove, designed to connect stakeholders in the home buying and selling process, reducing transaction times. The company’s Rapid Remortgage tool aims to make remortgage as easy as a product transfer, he said.

The company added that it also helps customers view documentation in multiple languages.

Karine Rodrigues (illustrated), Director of Sales at Econveyancer, said, “Brokerage firms like Intra Private Finance are trusted advisors to their clients, not just for mortgage financing, but for the entire transaction. The transfer of ownership plays a very important role in the success of any mortgage, whether it is for a purchase or a mortgage.

“This partnership will help Intra Private Finance deliver a better assignment experience to its clients through the disciplined approach we take to maintaining the quality of our assignee panel, which is closely monitored to ensure unwavering high standards.

Bulent Kandemir, Managing Director of Intra Private Finance, said: “As a business, Intra Private Finance aims to provide a seamless mortgage journey for our clients and working closely with trusted partners who are leaders in their particular fields plays a key role in being able to achieve this. THISonveyancer is an established and innovative technology presence in the conveyancing industry and will provide our advisors with easy access to a platform that will not only make their lives easier, but will also serve to make that journey even better.

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